About Koshi

Koshi Samarasinghe, Founder and CEO of Now Chase The Sun

You should know who you’re buying from, so here goes:

Koshi is an Australian-Sri Lankan who lives in San Francisco with her husband Bart, and a rescue cockapoo dog called Jim Morrison, both of who are unreasonably spoiled.

She’s spent many of her years managing customer relationships and business partnerships in Australia, Sri Lanka and most recently, for tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find out more about her onLinkedIn.

In 2018, Bart persuaded her to follow her dreams by founding a company that creates economic opportunity for craftspeople in need of income.

3 months, a ton of research and 5 cities later, Now Chase the Sun was born!

Some things you should know about Koshi:

  • She likes the colors blue and green. A lot.

  • She loves animals. A LOT.

  • She believes that despite the dreadful things that happen in the world, we can harness our collective powers and make change happen.

  • She believes that life is too short for bad food, bad wine, boring books, boring movies and boring platitudes.

  • She believes imperfection is perfect.

Koshi’s parents Manik and Anne Sandrasagra (who are directly responsible for everything good she’s ever done or achieved) were both collectors of antiques and art, and entrepreneurs with a keen eye for design.

Koshi的童年中冒险discovering gems at antique stores, visiting art galleries, dusty bookstores, exploring local craft markets and getting to meet with the curators and designers at historically significant jewelry houses like the famed Gem Palace in Jaipur. She didn’t really enjoy these odd family outings at the time, but it’s definitely had a huge impact on her aesthetic sensibilities today.

Koshi believes in that while aid is essential, fostering trade and entrepreneurship are equally important.

She also believes that giving back is always in style.